HMI Series



2500 Series® HMI/SCADA Systems are designed to allow easy connection and configuration of HMI & SCADA applications on CTI 2500 Series® Processors.

CTI HMI and SCADA Software is powered by zenon from COPA-DATA, an open-design object-oriented industrial automation application. The zenon Product Family is used by many companies around the world for process visualization, Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Its openness makes fast, efficient interfaces with any hardware or software possible.

The flexibiliy of zenon allows a single tool to be used for development of simple operator displays all the way to enterprise-level SCADA systems. When installing zenon together with CTI PLCs, our highly optimized driver provides superior performance for interfacing to the process controller.

Over 100,000 zenon systems are installed worldwide in many industries, including Food & Beverage, Energy, Semiconductor, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical.

3 Types Model Available:

  • 15″ and 12″ sizes HMI Touch-Panels.
  • Touch-Panel PCs with Windows® 7 Embedded
  • Virtual HMI servers

Quick Specs

  • Various PLC Drivers Available
  • Equiped with COPA-DATA Zenon HMI engine which offers wizards-based automatic engineering, object-oriented parameterization, and efficient re-use of projects and modules.

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