• Gas Analytical System
    Sermax offers the best Gas Analytical System which is set up entirely according to customer needs for Industrial Gas application such as ASU, Hydrogen plant, Nitrogen generator, Bottling plant and etc.
  • SCOA System
    Sermax SCOA (Certificate of Analysis) software is designed specifically to control, collect and generate report of the analysis before and after product filling with emailing function. Fully configurable to meet most demanding customer requirements, users can operate and control the entire analysis process, view historical data as well as retrieve and print the certificate of analysis.
  • Online CQC System
    Sermax designs, engineers and builds standard CQC (Continuous Quality Control) system for Pre/Post purifier UHP gases measurement. It comes with standard 19" rack, variable flow and pressure control capability, orbital welded EP tubing with VCR and Micro-fit fittings. Accommodations for sample, calibration and carrier gas if required with fully ventilated with optional flammable gas detection.
  • Portable CQC Cart
    Sermax portable CQC Cart are designed for ultimate quality checks portability where it can be tailored to suit customer precise ultra trace measurements of all impurities.
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