Electro-optical digital detectors represent leading edge UV and UV/IR technology.

The Fire Sentry SS4-A represents the world’s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Electro-Optical Flame Detectors with tens of thousands successfully operating in a multitude of installations worldwide. This multi-spectrum detector senses radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and Wide Band Infrared™ (IR) spectrum. The radiant energy from all types of flaming fires will alert the detector to their presence. To eliminate common nuisance false alarms that occasionally occur with UV-only, IR-only, Dual IR or Dual Mode UV/IR detectors, the Fire Sentry SS4 detectors’ FireLogic signal processing requires that UV, visible and Wide Band IR radiant energy all be evaluated before declaring a fire. The smart detector utilizes real-time signal processing algorithms that are optimized to alarm on all types of fires, while virtually eliminating the possibility of false alarms

Features & Benefits

  • Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon based fires.
  • Built-in test for optical “through the lens” testing.
  • False alarm immunity.

Quick Specs

  • Sensitivity: Adjustable between 60 ft., 45 ft., 30 ft., and 15 ft. to a 1 sq. ft. gasoline fire.
  • Response time: 2-5 seconds to 1 sq. ft. of gasoline fire at 60 ft.
  • Field-of-view: 120 degrees cone of vision (60 degrees from on axis)


  • Semi Conductor Industry
  • Tank Farm
  • Gas Plant
  • Petro Chemical Plant
  • Airport Hanger
  • Paint Shop

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