Midas® Gas Detector bringing new visibility, reliability and ease of use to gas detection in semiconductor processing and industrial manufacturing.
  • Leak Film
    Protecting your high-tech assets with innovative, user-friendly technology for liquid leak detection.
  • SPM Flex
    Improve safety and productivity with the most flexible, user-friendly tape-based gas detector for low-level toxics.
  • XCD
    Transmitter provides comprehensive monitoring of combustible, toxic and Oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres - indoors and outdoors.
  • SS4
    Electro-optical digital detectors represent leading edge UV and UV/IR technology.
  • MST Satellite
    Toxic detector with a wide range of sensors available, it’s the simplest solution for all “point-of-use” gas detection needs.
  • Sensepoint
    ATEX certified flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detectors that offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to monitoring hazardous areas.
  • Sensepoint XCL
    Sensepoint XCL is a fixed point gas leak detector that is designed to meet the needs of commercial and light industrial applications.

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